At Bel, we are willing to sustain our responsible business model by ensuring that it has a positive impact on everyone around us, from dairy farmer to consumers, while helping to preserve our planet.

Bel began its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative over 15 years ago, joining the United Nations Global Compact in 2003. Today, we want to go even further.

Well aware of growing economic, societal and environmental challenges, and changing consumer expectations in favor of natural content, food safety, transparency and quality, the Group is reinventing itself and placing responsibility at the heart of its growth model.

By being even more respectful of humankind and the environment, and by offering products that are ever more responsible and adapted to the nutritional needs of all, we can help feed over 10 billion people tomorrow in a lasting and sustainable way.

Making a positive impact from the farm to the fork

We want to create value at each step along the way, from dairy farming upstream and the production and consuming of our products, to packaging recycling.

Achieving our ambitious goals by 2025

As part of our responsible approach, we have set 16 ambitious goals to be achieved by 2025. Grouped around four strategic pillars, including sustainable farming, caring nutrition, environmental footprint and people well-being, these targets will guide our approach to making continuous improvements.

Committed to sustainable farming
We care about improving the sustainability and environmental impact of dairy production leading the way for our farmer partners and defining standards of excellence for tomorrow.

Promoting caring nutrition
We care about enhancing the nutritional value of our products, working for greater natural content and promoting healthier eating habits and lifestyles.

Reducing our environmental footprint
We care about reducing the environmental footprint of producing and consuming our products.

Working for people well-being
We are committed to the men and women with whom we work every day: our employees, our partners, our consumers and the local communities of our host regions.

Ethically conducting our business

Since 2012, the Bel Group’s Code of Good Business Practices has spelled out the principles, values and rules for the good business conduct we expect our employees to follow in all circumstances, everywhere in the world.

The Code is based on seven principles separate from national laws and regulations in force, with which our teams must also comply. National legislation prevails whenever it is stricter than a given ethics rule stipulated in the Code.

Further, we seek to work with partners who share our values. Effective compliance of the principles and rules in the Code of Good Business Practices by Bel’s partners is necessarily a guiding factor in our decision to initiate and continue all business relations.

Employees or third parties who are victims of, or have witnessed, ethical violations may report them via the Bel Group’s alert system. The alert system is designed to deal fairly with ethical issues of all kinds. Whistleblowing is handled by ethics advisers at headquarters or at the subsidiaries, or by the Ethics Committee, depending on the case.

To signal an ethics issue, contact us at here or by phone using the international toll-free numbers.