Mini Babybel®, 98% milk, 100% fun

Mini Babybel®, the sixth-largest brand in the world market for hard cheese, is shared in 76 countries around the globe. The ingredients to its success include a simple and healthy recipe that’s 98% milk, a unique flavor and a taste for innovation.


Launched in France in 1977, Mini Babybel® brought consumers an unheard of new delight, offering Babybel®’s unique taste encased in small, round individual shells made of red wax. Practical, delightful and in tune with the times, Mini Babybel® caused a big sensation. The brand’s international growth began in 1979, when Mini Babybel® crossed the Atlantic to reach US shores, followed by its entry into new markets in Europe, Asia and Africa. So began the delicious story of Mini Babybel® and its customers on five continents.

Mini babybel® today

Goat, Gouda, olive and basil, original or light, Mini Babybel® continues to surprise consumers in 76 markets with new recipes. Limited editions and event packs supplement the range, offering the same high product quality and sense of healthy fun that have made the brand such a success. Mini Babybel® is committed to the markets it calls home. In the UK, for example, the brand is an official partner of Red Nose Day, a fund drive for charitable causes organized around fun and games.

Mini babybel® around the world

countries and on five continents savored Mini babybel®
World's best-selling cheese brand
(based on annual sales)
Mini Babybel® fans: the US
which accounts for 75% of the cheese sold outside France


In its 100%-digital “SuperCheese” advertising campaign launched in 2015, Mini Babybel® revealed that it is more than just a simple cheese… Behind its friendly face hides an incredible super hero! Its powers? 98% milk and a super wax shell!